sea stories

the rapture. the attention. the ferocity—

of the stories of the sea.

passion drips from the tongue as he speaks.


he throws around his arms

and his body.

his hips sway like waves,

and his grey blue eyes swim with joy

and mysteries

and life—

like the creatures in the sea.

stories of long trips to 100-foot waters.

stories of great whites, baby seals, and oyster catchers—

pods of dolphins traveling home.

stories of the forceful bite of the blue fin,

ripping the mono and the line from the reel—

the dipping curve of the pole as the fight begins.

for these stories are of the sea—

neither listener nor speaker fully knows the truth.

it's part imagination.

part intuition.

and part communication,

with what we know lies beneath the grey blue waters—

and with what we don't.

oh, how similar it is to those grey blue eyes.

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