four seasons

the acorns, fish, deer.

the tomatoes, the beets, the figs.

the flour and the yeast.

the venison—harvested in fall and winter

keeps a plentiful supply all year.

plus, a warm coat for the person

with patience enough to transform the coarse hair

and warm skin from one animal body to another.

the pudding stones and sea glass.

the sand and mounting new england rocks.

the oak stands sturdy

the maple, ginkgo, and sycamore stand out.

multi-color blooms bounce and shimmy on hydrangeas—

changing hues like leaves on trees.

Fresh pond and a mighty River meets the salty brine of the Harbor

that leads to the Bay

which bleeds into the vast Ocean,

where frenzied tuna feed

and minke whales float

while blue sharks swim and scavenge and travel.

all unseen,

they flow and drift with the Earth.

following the currents of cold water

around the Cape and north.

the sun as their companion.

the moon as their guide.

never lost.

but always searching. sustaining. surviving.

as do we.

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