first snow;

the hunter wakes early. wake with him.

the hunter goes to sleep early. go with him.

the hunter puts his senses to the test—do the same.

nature is still here.

it survives.

even after the first snowfall; it endures.

beauty abounds in the turning of the page.

winter is here and you must be ready.

winter is here and you must dance like Mellow—

her black coat sparkling in white.

the flowers and trees go dormant,

envisioning what they will look like come spring.

like the caterpillar in its cocoon;

transforming into something more magnificent.

go dormant with the flowers and trees.

stay in and create.

cherish the stillness. sit with the slowness.

nurture ideas and watch them bloom to life.

go to bed early. earlier still.

do not ignore the setting of the sun.

He tucks himself away for a reason.

but the sun is still here—

inside of you.

inside us all.

glowing. willing it's way to come out.

let it.

foster it—

tend to it,

encourage it.

days will be hard,

but that is why they are short.

sleep and rest awaits.

so when the ice thaws and the stripers migrate north again—

we're ready to play.

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