seeking, pushing, extending

for something not there—

but there all along.

guided by nature and instinctual intuition.

seeing something beyond what the eye sees—

at the same time bringing to life the ethereal,

so that humans can see.

misunderstood often.

praised sparingly.

compensated rarely.

it makes no difference.

compensation comes in many forms:




spent communicating with something far greater than what lies here.

communicating with feelings we have no words for,

no pictures for,

only an inkling of how to nurture and grow:

love. justice. equality. peace.

but we must be quiet and listen.

seeking greater systems—

or are they older?

that return us to stable ground.

to love. to connection. to hope.

the artist kindles the fires burning everywhere,

and if they're good at what they do—

watches them come alive,

roaring and redirecting the course of history.

and the businessmen take credit.

human currency gives value to something that can never be monetized.

creativity and ideas—

taking action on both is a dance with

you and me—

with plants and animals.

one foot on land—

intertwined with the extensive network of roots and waters—

the other in space,

among star dust and dreams.

seeking the unseekable.

and giving life to the unfathomable.

so that we may survive,

while others thrive.


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