Do you trust the process?

February 26, 2018

We’ve heard it all too often at the cross roads of every major decision or looming task we set out to achieve—trust the process. Trust the process and you’ll lose weight, trust the process and you’ll finish the race, trust the process and you’ll hit that personal best… “Trust the process,” they say, but no one ever tells you how hard it’s going to be.  


Or they do, but the extent of the hardship isn’t truly understood by the person offering the advice. You’re left wondering how it’s possible to trust a process that seems so far outside your comfort zone, out of reach, and near impossible.


I’m not here to tell you to “trust the process.” I’m here to tell you to work hard, be open to new opportunities or ways of looking at things, and then, and only then, to trust the process.


If there’s one thing I’ve learned in my limited 23 years it’s that hard work doesn’t go unnoticed but it often will if it’s not consistent and passionate. Trusting the process isn’t about coming into the gym and presenting a laundry list of things to a trainer and telling them to fix each one. It’s not sliding by and trusting that everything will work out in the end—it’s putting yourself out there, your head to the grindstone and pursuing something you are so passionate about it bleeds out of you. And it’s especially about never, ever taking “no” for an answer.


I’m also here to tell you that in hindsight it’s way easier to trust the process. Today, I’m looking at a new process unfolding before me, a new stepping-stone to a career I’ve always dreamed of, hoping that I can continue to trust the process that has gotten me to this point.


In less than one short month I will be moving to Boston to pursue my writing career as the Wellness Editor for Boston Magazine. As I look back on the processes that lead me to this point it’s clear to me why certain opportunities fell through and why I made some of the decisions I made.


But now, as I look at this huge life transition I can’t help but question how I’m going to trust this process. My life, as I know it, is going to be flipped upside down leaving the comfortable routine I have built around the people and places in Bloomington for a city life I’m not sure how to handle yet. But just like with letting go of unhealthy habits, it’s time for me to let go of Bloomington and grow into this career I know I am capable of succeeding at.


What, in your life, do you need to let go of? What do you need to start, or finish, that you’ve put off or delayed for fear of the process or doubt in yourself?


If you’re standing at the beginning of a new fitness journey, a new career, a different location, a new relationship, let the process of discovering a healthier version of yourself be the catalyst for change in all other areas of your life. Let the people and coaches at Force help you discover that change. Without walking into Force as an eager intern two and a half years ago I would not have gotten to where I was going and I would not have this opportunity I do now.


The community encouraged me when I didn’t believe in myself, my co-workers provided immeasurable amounts of knowledge about the fitness industry, and my life changed for the better—both my health and my career.


Where is your process taking you today?


Whether it’s to Force’s front doors, a new job in a big city, or through the ups and downs of a new relationship be prepared to work consistently and passionately. And then, after you have consistently and passionately put in the work, to trust the process that brought you to this starting line and will see you through to the finish.

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March 31, 2018

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