Chelsea Savit talks body positivity, elite powerlifting, and being a Beefpuff

February 6, 2018

Walking away from a 15-year gymnastics career and turning to the sport of powerlifting changed Chelsea Savit’s life. From constantly feeling like her body was under a microscope and only valued for the way it looked, powerlifting lifted those constraints and allowed her to appreciate her body for what it could do.


In her first year of college at Yale she frantically looked for another athletic outlet, realizing just how much she loved the weight room. After about a year and a half of training on the Yale powerlifting club team, and not really knowing what it meant to compete, she was introduced to the world of competitive powerlifting.


“Getting out of the environment of gymnastics and finding powerlifting was the best thing that could have happened for my mental health,” says Savit. “Gymnastics’ culture is still very old school where it’s common to hear all kinds of things about needing to lose weight and look a certain way. Powerlifting is the opposite.”



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March 31, 2018

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