How I manage to drink 2 gallons of water daily

September 26, 2017

If there’s one thing I never let slide regarding my nutrition and exercise routine, it’s my water intake. No matter what, at the bare minimum, I try to get at least one gallon of water in during the day. Water is so essential to everything we do and to all of our bodily functions. After all, our bodies are made up of almost 60% water…people, that’s over half. That’s why staying hydrated is so very important.

If you’re looking at your nutrition and deciding to make some changes, I urge you to assess your water intake before you even consider your calories, protein or carbohydrate intake. Before anything changes regarding food, water has to be mastered.


Water regulates body temperature and maintains bodily functions in all the cells, organs and tissues that make up the human body. Our bodies lose water through breathing, sweating and digestion so it’s imperative that we rehydrate. According to the USDA, the recommended water intake for men is 3.7 L/day and for women is 2.7 L/day.


I drink much more than the recommended amount because of my physical activity level and that’s what helps me feel my best. Start with the recommended amount, master that and then work your way up. Adjust intake according to your physical activity and the temperature outside, and assess how your body feels.


Here are my four tips to getting enough water in:



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March 31, 2018

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