How "just eating" has transformed my weekend

August 30, 2017

People ask me all the time what “I’m doing” in regards to my nutrition. If you had asked me a year ago I would have said “I’m tracking macros” as I pulled out MyFitnessPal to track that one nibble of a banana I just ate. Ask me two years ago and I would have said “Oh, just eating clean” as I quickly tried to find an excuse why I couldn’t go out for tacos with you. Ask me three years ago and I would have said “Eating and still hungry” as I ate take out fried chicken and milkshakes almost daily. What “I’m doing” regarding nutrition has changed so much through living in a diet culture, being immersed in the fitness industry and now just trying to gain back my intuition. Now, when people ask me that question I simply say, “I don’t do anything, I just eat.”


We don’t always have to be “doing something” when it comes to our nutrition. It’s okay to not be dieting, to not track calories and macros and it’s okay not to follow any sort of plan. It’s not important in order to see success and, in fact, I would go out on a limb and say it’s not even good for you in the long run. Listening to your body is the only way to truly build a healthy relationship with food. In my attempt to show you what “I’m doing” here’s how I eat during a typical

weekend (Saturday). No diet, no macro counting, no clean eating—just living.


Saturday morning I was up early to coach at 8am. Since I’m coaching non-stop from 8am-noon I like to fill up on something quick, easy and super filling so I don’t have to worry about a mid-morning snack. Over night oats do just the trick.  


After coaching, I was ravenous (go figure) being on your feet for four hours in the morning, loading plates, pushing prowlers, cleaning and yelling should be considered a workout in itself. While Derek made lunch I snacked on Triscuits (the fig and honey ones have been my favorite lately) straight from the box.



Lunch was one of Derek’s creative specialties using all of our leftovers from the week. He made a quick hash with onions, peppers, two pieces of bread that were going stale and pork. Slapped a dippy (over-easy) egg on top for good measure with kale chips and a plum on the side.



After lunch I'm always searching for something sweet. Before we set out to Griffy Lake for a quick hike I had a protein ball that I had made the night before. Seriously, if we get low on these (which we do quite frequently because Derek eats them like a machine) I have to make them ASAP because they’re so great to have on hand.



When we got back from hiking hunger struck again and I couldn’t possibly wait for dinner (I love snacking, can’t you tell?) There were two remaining pieces of pizza from Bucceto’s the night before (thank you hunger cues and satiety for telling me to stop eating so I would have leftovers for the next day.) I snacked on one piece with some sugar snap peas and gave the other piece to Derek. Dinner was taking too long so I also broke out the chips and salsa (because I could basically live off chips and salsa and not be mad about it).















Dinner was a big ol’ bowl of salad with leftover pork and parsnip fries paired with my all-time favorite drink—ICE water. Seriously, if you are a soda drinker and trying to cut back or need something a little more flavorful than water to stay hydrated these are perfect! Think La Croix but more flavorful (I think) and there are so many different ones to choose from! My favorite are the iced teas, lemonades and coconut pineapple! 



Saturday’s are really never complete without a trip to get ice cream and my favorite in town is Bruster’s. Brusters was hopping though and they were all out of waffle cones (gasp! They’re my go-to) and every single flavor with graham crackers in it (graham central station is the best, if you haven’t had it drive to your nearest Bruster’s right now). So I was a little disappointed but this chocolate peanut butter cup flavor made up for it I suppose.



This was the night of the meteor shower and what is a meteor shower without snacks? So we brought along our favorite crackers—Good thins sweet oat and flax. They really have to come out with a bigger box of these. When Derek opens a box they’re a single serving for him and if/when I finally get my hands on them he has left me like one cracker. Oh the struggle…



By no means am I sharing what I ate as a template for others to follow I’m just showcasing that what I eat, how I eat, and when I eat is no longer dictated by rules, diet trends, or the time of day. And if you know anything about me I really love to talk about food (I'm always asking my evening clients what they're going to have for dinner). Sometimes it’s hard to listen to my body and sometimes I still have those creepy thoughts about dieting and food rules but I quickly try to get to the bottom of the feeling causing those thoughts. Don’t put food into a little box with a label (no pun intended because food does come in a box with a label)—it’s something that is meant to be experienced, shared, and enjoyed to its fullest.

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