What if we recharged our bodies as often as we recharged our phones?

August 25, 2017

If you’re anything like me you charge your cellphone religiously. You give it it’s own home on the bedside table right next to your pillow and make sure that sucker is plugged into the outlet. All night it re-fuels, going from dangerously in the red to locked and loaded at 100% ready to take on tomorrow’s full day of Instagramming, Snap chatting, and Facebooking.


Just like our phones, our bodies need refueled, re-charged and re-energized. All of these could mean different things to different people. Maybe someone needs more sleep, maybe another person needs more time outside, even still, maybe someone needs a little more time to relax, but what I’m talking about is our inherent need for food.




Food is our bodies’ “fuel.” We can’t do anything without food. Let’s think back to that cellphone, without being charged it isn’t of much use. If we use it all day in all the ways we use cellphones, to call, text, take pictures, watch videos, etc. we can’t expect to keep using it in the same way without stopping to refuel.



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March 31, 2018

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