Steve pushes himself while training for Strongman

August 16, 2017

As a Mechanical Tech Engineer at Crane, Force Fitness and Performance is Steve Harden’s “play-time.” His workouts are his time to get away from the world for a little bit and let some stress out.


“You come in here and everything just disappears,” Steve said. “I used to go to the gym on my own and just go through the motions never seeing the results I wanted. Coach Derek’s programs keep me into it. Being able to change it up every month and see results is the bonus.”


Since coming to Force a little under two years ago Steve has gone from 165 pounds and 24% body fat to 160 pounds and 10.5% body fat.


“I’ve been known to design some pretty tough programs,” Derek said. “I don’t do this because more is better, but because I believe you are stronger than what you think and completing a challenging program can bring out that realization.”



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March 31, 2018

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