How one woman went from counting blueberries on the plate, to counting plates on the barbell

July 30, 2017

The bar is loaded and the announcer calls her name.


“Katelyn Lipa, you have one minute to complete the lift.”


The clock starts as she walks to the platform; she chalks her hands and approaches the bar. Left hand grips the bar first, and then she squats down, she places her right hand and adjusts her positions. Her hips rise; she sweeps the bar to her shins and snatches the bar straight overhead. Standing tall, elbows locked out, a smile creeps across her face—all white flags. The lift is good.



“In April of last year I set a goal to compete in my first Olympic weightlifting meet in the fall,” Lipa said. “By August, my gym was holding an in-house meet, and after talking with my coach, we decided to just go for it. After that, I was hooked.”


Lipa didn’t always have the confidence she exhibits now.



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March 31, 2018

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