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June 13, 2017

This week, Derek and I are leaving for vacation to Chattanooga, TN with my family. This will be our second time going to Chattanooga and we’re both so excited—it’s really the perfect vacation spot for us as it is named one of the best outdoor cities in the world and ho...

June 8, 2017

You know that feeling after you’ve eaten a jar, bag or box of something and you turn it around to glance at the nutrition information thinking “Well, that couldn’t have been more than one or two servings” and then your gut sinks a little as you realize not only did you...

June 1, 2017

I read a quote yesterday as I was mindlessly scrolling through Instagram and at first glance it was something I agreed with. After reading it again and thinking about it a little longer though I became so emotionally wrought for a good ten minutes I swear you could hav...

May 25, 2017

I love snacking! In the morning, in the afternoon, and in the evening I make sure I am always locked and loaded with a couple good snacks. I take the extra precaution to always be ready with food because you really don’t want to be around me when I get hungry…My favori...

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