Welcome to my space, filled with all the things I love: heavy lifting, adventures, nature, magical words, and lots and lots of food! My biggest hope, through my blog, and through the articles that I write is that I can relate and connect to you--my readers! Having been an athlete most of my life, I ventured into the weight room and into the fitness industry as a sophomore in college. Since then, I have developed a strong passion for strength training, balanced nutrition, and helping others to live their best lives. 

I am currently the Wellness Editor at Boston Magazine where I get to share this passion of health and fitness with the Greater Boston area through the articles I write and report on (which yes, includes getting sweaty in local gyms and loading up on juice and seltzer). I am a midwest transplant by heart, born and raised in Columbus, Ohio. I moved to Boston from Bloomington, Indiana where I was fortunate enough to build an extremely strong foundation of coaching knowledge at Force Fitness and Performance. I received a journalism degree with a minor in sport management/marketing and nutrition sciences at Indiana University and have learned, through experience, that fitness should be a big part of your life but not your whole life. I strive to help others find that healthy balance as well. 

I can credit my journey largely to the fact that I discovered what being strong means to me and I am strongly rooted in my belief that every person no matter their age, skill level, or body type can be profoundly affected by strength training and truly exploring what it feels like, and means, to be strong. 

Join me on this journey, and discover what being strong means to you! I look forward to connecting

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