Hi there!

And welcome to my space — it's nice to have you. 


My name is Tessa Yannone and I really hate writing bios. I find it extremely awkward and weird...but alas, we're all weird and it must be done in order for you to know who I am if you are to care at all about what I have to say. And it's not so much I hope you care; I hope you can connect. 


So, anyways, my name is Tessa Yannone and this is my little corner of the interwebs. Currently, I live and work in Steamboat Springs, Colorado on a bison ranch. Previously, I lived in Boston, Indiana, and the great state of Ohio — where I am from.


When the pandemic started, I, much like everyone else found themselves unemployed but I used the opportunity to try a bunch of different odd jobs in a very short amount of time. I landscaped. I wanted to kill myself when I thought seasonal retail might be a good idea. I worked curbside pickup at a restaurant on the beach. And I even started my own online bakery.


So, here, on my blog you'll find a culmination of the stories, experiences, and lessons I've learned from just trying it. "It" being the job, the move, the relationship, the place..."it" being anything you've ever thought about, pondered, or wondered if you could do. Because let me tell you...it just takes doing it. Not perfectly, not well, and not even on time — you just have to show up and do it. 

Welcome, let's dive on in. 

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