My name is Tessa Yannone. Welcome to my space—filled with all the things I love! Here's a little bit about me: 

I am a midwest transplant, born and raised in Columbus, Ohio. After graduating from Indiana University I moved to Boston to work at Boston magazine where I was the health and fitness editor for two years. Right now, I'm living, learning, and loving life to its fullest. 

You can catch me playing in the mud somewhere with my best friends, shredding dirt pow on my mountain bike, or baking up something delicious in my kitchen. I love to share recipes, laughs, and a good IPA on my porch in Jamaica Plain or around a campfire. I appreciate the skill it takes to learn a good riff on the guitar and I have an extremely hard time sitting still.  

There isn't a job I haven't wanted to try or a situation I've been too timid to throw myself into. Above many things, I love to write. Here, you'll find what I've been writing (and thinking about) recently. I believe people are our greatest teachers and life's most worthwhile adventure is connecting with one another. 

So, hit me up. I'd love to connect! 


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